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Coffee Table 

The table is 120 cm by 80 cm with a height of 55 cm. Table top is sanded and clear varnished Zapote wood inlaid with marble and lime stone rocks and metal retainers. Total table is covred by 6 mm glass. Table legs are covered by hand made Heneken / Sisal rope.

matthes art work furniture

Dinner table

The table is 140 cm by 90 cm with a height of 110 cm. Table top is Mexican hard wood Zapote with a sanded and clear varnished finish. Inlay is marbel gravel and covered by clear glas. Table legs are covered by hand made and varnished Heneken / Sisal rope.

matthes dinner table

Garden herb and flower table

The table is 85 cm by 55 cm with a height of 74 cm. The table top is metal sheet covered with hand made Mexican tiles. Table base and structure is untreated metal work for rustic and rusting effect.