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I have seen my first diver when I was 10 years old but had to wait till I was 27 years old before I could learn how to dive. After that all fell into place me falling into diving. As of 2015 I have made more then 6000 dives with over 3500 of those being cave dives, over 1000 technical dives and over 1100 hours on CCR Rebreathers on a dozen units.

I am still diving and teaching diving through my MayaTech diving servies company offering a variety of diver, Instructor, diving carrer and Dive Center consulting services through my MattMexico MayaTech web page.

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For years I have published more on the ProTec blog, but seldom in paper printed media.

This is a partial list of articles I have published since 1997 in various countries, magazines and books. Almost all articles evolve around the topic of diving.

Since early 2009 I am publishing articles on our ProTec Blog as it gives me the platform to elaborate on a variety of topics.

-Deep Tech Magazine ( USA )

Blue Hole 1997 Cambrian Foundation together with Ken Fuhrman Issue 4/97

-Underwater Speleology Magazine ( USA )

Blue Hole 1997 Cambrian Foundation Issue Vol.25 No.2

The Pit together with Dan Lins Issue Vol.25 No. 4

Training and conservation Issue Vol.26 No.1

Cenotes of the Yucatan Issue Vol.26 No. 2

-NACD Journal ( USA )

The Blue Hole 1997 Cambrian Foundation Issue 4/98

The Pit together with Dan Lins Issue 3/98

Cenotes of the Yucatan Issue 2/99

-Taucher News ( Germany )

The Blue Hole 1997 Cambrian Foundation Issue 1/98

The Pit Issue 3/98

-Taucher World ( Germany )

1998 Solomon Island Cambrian Foundaton Issue 1/99

Cenotes of the Yucatan ( Part 1, Q.Roo ) Issue 2/99

Cenotes of the Yucatan ( Part 2, Yucatan ) Issue 3/99

-Imersed ( USA )

The Pit - Over view but not article Issue 4/98

-Discover Diving ( USA )

Article about me - Chupa Cabra Extreme Issue Vol.17 No.1

-GEO Magazine ( Germany )

Map of Chak Mool Cave System and Cenote Location Map Issue 2/99

-Espacio Profundo ( Mexico )

Article about my participation on the Wakulla 2 Project Issue 45/99

-Advanced Diver Magazine ( USA )

Sabak-Ha Issue 3/99

-Cenotes y Grutas de Yucatan Book ( Mexico )

-Decostop Magazine ( Brazil ) Cenote Taj Mahal and Chak Mool

Cave diving →

In 1996 I was invited into the Cedam Cave Diving Team organized and led by Mike Madden who organized cave diving expeditions into the Nohoch Nachich ( Giant Birdhouse in the Mayan language ) and surrounding cave systems. After joining the Cedam Cave Diving Team in 1996 I was able...
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CCR Rebreather diving →

My first Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) dive was conducted during the Tek 1996 show in New Orleans on a Prizm Topaz CCR conducted by Peter Reedy. My first formal training on a CCR Rebreather was completed in 1997 by Richard Pyle, Tom Mount and Bil Stone on the Cis Lunar...
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Wreck diving →

I took my first training in wreck diving in 1995 when completing deep wreck dives off shore Key West, Florida, U.S.A. My Instructors where Terrence Tysall and Billy Deans. Most of my deep wreck training dives where conducted on the USS Wilkes Barre bow and stern of Key West, Florida.
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Technical diving →

After my training completion in 1995 I participated on a Cambrian Foundation expedtion to the bottom of the Blue Hole in Belize in 1996 and 1997, as well as to the bottom of the Abyss cave located on Lighthouse Reef, Belize.
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Recreational diving →

I still engage in the fun activity of recreational diving either by diving in the pool with kids or along the local reefs using a single tank configuration with stainless steel backplate, a 7 foot hose primary regulator I am breathing from, a secondary regulator attached to a bungee cord...
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Expeditions and Trips →

Diving Expeditions and Trips I have either organized or participated in over the years.
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Diving Slideshow →

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