ducati 750ss Andreas W. Matthes photography ©

Prior Bikes

Zuendap 50 cc Mofa in 1978. Ugly, noisy, slow but freedom !!

andreas w matthes moped

Hercules M5 Mofa 50 cc by Sachs - My second set of 50 cc wheels I highly customized by double length fork, chromed gasoline tank, chromed tank and head light protectors, wide solo seat, chromed seat rail, longer rear shocks, fat tire and shortened rear mud guard. The internal customizing allowed me to more then double the original vehicle speed. Stage one custom is showing me with red jacket, stage two custom my brother Robert with jeans jacket. Germany around 1979.

hercules sachs1

Malagutti Mofa 50 cc - The Yellow Malagutti 50 cc Mofa was my last set of small wheels, ran like hell, and allowed me to explore the off road roads within the forrests we were living in. Germany around 1981.


Ducati SS 750 - My first big bike I bought in 1982 was a Ferrari red beauty SS 750 one out of 20 imported into Germany. I went on a few trips in the central German country side, as well as to the south of Germany. On a trip back from southern Germany the bike developed a serious electric problem and needed to be towed on a flat bed truck back to my home town in northern Germany. There the bike was stolen from the lot of the Ducati dealership. She was a dream with desmodromic valve control. Germany in 1982.

ducati 750 ss

BMW R 90/6 - I did not have the black R 90/6 Gummi Kuh (Rubber Cow) for a long time but was content to travel in comfort after my red Ducati was stolen. She was sold after less then a year of easy and pleasant county road riding and cruising. Germany around 1983.

matthes bike bmw

Maico MC 490 - A bright red two stroke monster with loads of juice for my first self esteem testing in the fields around my home town. Way to strong and intimidating. Germany 1984.

maico 490

Ducati GT 860 - My second Ducati was bought as a metallic blue GT 860 in 1985 that was then customized by me into a flat black cafe racer bike in 1986. After years of roaming the rural and city streets she developed a terminal cardiac arrest. Race control in uniform did not like the enhancements I made to it, so she went out of comission in 1992.

ducati cafe racer

Yamaha XT 600 - My first bike I owned in Mexico. She was made in 1990 and at the end of her life time. It was the desicion point for me to see if I wanted to pick up riding bikes here in Mexico. She did a good job convincing me that I needed more and better. Mexico 2002.

 yamaha xt 600

Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200 C - I bought the Harley Davidson Sportster in 2004 second hand in Cancun at a used motorcycle dealer. I found the Harley while looking around for a used bike I wanted to buy, and there in the corner she sat and called me by my name. The Harley was built in 1996 and has been sold through Harley Davidson Mexico, with an Mexican title and registration plate.

The Sportster was a bit customized by me with the installation of an oil cooler, the elimination of all gauges such as tach and odometer, the elimination of the registration plate holder on top of fender and a solo seat being the most note worthy changes.

I use the Harley to cruise locally on nice days but have done a three day tour through the Central Yucatan and a three day tour through the Costa Mayawhich includes the villages of Majahual and Xcalac.

I sold the Sportster in April of 2010 in order to get a bigger Harley better suited for long distance travel.

harley davidson yucatan