Suzuki SV 650 Gladius


Suzuki SV 650 A Gladius

In the end of 2019 when it became clear to me that I want to be a motorcycle tour guide for a while I needed a second bike and choose the Suzuki SV 650 A Gladius built in 2010 with 15.000 km on the clock. Unfortunately it manifested a bad clutch after purchase but then again fortunately the clutch is not to expensive and I can fix it myself.

So far I have done one checkout trip in February with snow still on the roads in the nearby Julian Alps and one with partner in crime and live Maria into the Julian Alps as well. What a lovely little canyon carver. 

Gladius Suzuki SV 650


Suzuki Gladius SV 650

Honda CBF 600 and Suzuki SV 650