Andreas W. Matthes photography ©

Surface Photography

I was using my Olympus 3030 for the longest time until in late 2007 when I bought myself a Nikon D80 and using it since with a 12-24mm, 50mm, 18-200mm and 500mm mirror lens.

In mid 2009 I got a second Nikon body, this time a D90, which I like better than the D80. In the beginning of 2011 I complemented my lens set with a 10.5mm wide angle and 105mm Macro lens.

mexico hol box

In the end of 2012 I added a used Nikon D1x and a Nikond D70 to my cameras. Both are going to be used for Infrared or IR photography. The D70 is permanently converted for IR. For the D1x I am using IR filters. I added a Canon 3000 point and shoot camera to the bunch which is permanently converted for IR photography.

The latest camera I purchased in 2014 is a Fujifilm X100S. Very compact, very crisp images. Love it. The Fuji developed a hardware problem on the motherboard in late 2017 and died after 33.000 images taken. This sucks !!!.