Andreas W. Matthes photography ©

Underwater Photography

In 1992 I started to take photos underwater when doing my Divemaster course in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

In 1995 further experimentation with analog underwater photography was done when living in Honduras, Roatan Island with a Sea & Sea MX 10 camera.

In 2001 my first underwater housing for a digital camera was for the Sony P5 but I realized very fast that it had its limits in regards of depth, wide angle needs and image quality.

hdr photography underwater

In 2003 when we bought a Olympus 3040 digital camera at ProTec Dive Centers with a light and motion Tetra housing for the store with a wide angle screw on lens my underwater photography became a bit more sophisticated.

In 2005 I bought my own Light & Motion Tetra housing for my Olympus 3030 digital camera. Unfortunatly I have lost the wide angle screw on lens on a cave dive in summer of 2009 and as the camera housing is quite old it seems to be impossible to find a replacement lens.

In 2008 I started more sophisticated underwater photography with my Nikon D 80 digital SLR and a 12/24mm wide angle zoom lens in a Ikelite housing with a wide dome. For strobes I use two Ikelite SB 160 strobes on the housing, one SB 160 as a slave and a SB 200 as second slave. For light painting I use two Ikelite SB 105 as they can be fired manually.

megalodon rebreather cenote angelita

In 2011 I added a 10.5mm lens to the D 80 underwater setup.

In 2012 I added a housing for my Canon G 10 digital camera as an easy carry around underwater camera option.

I still like black & white even underwater. Lately I am experimenting with underwater HDR photography.