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Sailing in the past

In 1985 I went with 10 friends to sail on a Dutch 1920 Ketch converted from coal transporter to sail cruiser. We cruised the Baltic Sea for 2 weeks. What a great trip !!.

andreas w matthes sailing 01

In 1969 I started sailing when I was 6 years old. My dad was a boat builder crafting rowing boats out of wood planks and copper rivets. He opened the sailing chapter in our local rowing - skulling club where my parents where members as long as I can think.

The first sailing impressions I got from sailing the local lakes in Germany around Wollfsburg but then my dad put the the little 15 foot sailboat onto a trailer and off we went to Kroatia, Yugoslavia - Adriatic Sea for 6 weeks of camping, snorkeling and sailing every year ... from age 6 in 1969 to age 10 in 1973 when my parents divorced and all changed. I kept on sailing till age 14 in 1977 but then stopped for a very long time.

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