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I do remember the border crossings from West Germany to East Germany when I was still a child, the border crossings from France to Spain to Portugal with the need to change money at one border or another. This is all gone, making it easy to travel in a united Europe with the establishment of the European Union as well as the monetary union with the Euro.

In Europe most countries are quite small and one can visit a number of countries in just one day without any or very little border formalities.

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The countries I visited in Europe on various and multiple occasions over a period of three decades are:

DenmarkSweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, ItalyCroatiaSerbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Russian Federation, Hungary, Montenegro, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, SloveniaCzech Republic, Slovakia, GreeceTurkeyRomania, Bulgaria, Albania, Austria, Poland, LiechtensteinSwitzerland, Monaco, Ukraine, Isle of Man, Andorra and the United Kingdom.

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