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North America


During my first Central America trip I did spend a total of ten weeks traveling through Mexico coming the first time to Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, as well as traveling four weeks in the U.S.A. when visiting the Bay Area of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

los angeles


When becoming interested in technical diving I bought a vehicle in Houston, Texas and drove through New Orleans in Missisippi, and Alabama to Florida where I completed my technical diver training in Orlando.

1996 - 1999

While working on to become a Cave Instructor I had to travel multiple times to Florida to cave dive, assist cave courses with a number of Cave Instructors. During that period I participated on a deep wreck diving dive trip in Lake Superior and the Wakulla II deep cave diving exploration project.


I went to the Los Angeles area of Long Beach to participate at the Scubashow, a dive related trade show. Venice Beach was visited along the way.


I spend three weeks in the greater Vancouver area, Canada. I truly enjoyed the are of Vancouver itself, Tofino on Vancouver Island, Kewlona with the lake area and whine production there, and Whistler with its majestic mountains.

2001 - 2007

I used to go to Florida about twice a year on diving related issues as well as recreation, motorcycle and sight seeing trips. Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando have been visited on various occasions. Key West has been visited twice.

A number of visits have been done to the New Jersey area mostly diving related to visit and participate in the Beneath the Sea dive show with a very short visit to New York City. The dive show in West Palm Beach of the greater Los Angeles area was visited with a stint to see Malibu beach.


A motorcycle trip started in Florida with a visit to the Daytona Bike Week and then extended into a drive into Texas and New Mexico before heading south into Mexico itself. I spend three weeks on the bike with over 9500 kilometers spend on the road. Awesome trip.

zrx 1100 on the road


During the almost four weeks of stay in Daniels studio close to Brooklyn's Navy Yard during June and July of 2009 I had the chance to explore the city the never sleeps. Big it is, with lots of people. In Brooklyn I liked Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights and Red Hook quite a bit. In Manhattan I went from Harlem, East side, Mid Town, Chelsea, So Ho, East Village, Lower East Side, Little Itally to Down Town mostly on foot while visiting land marks on the way.

matthes photography daniel dens

I learned to use the subway system, marveled on architecture, held my breath at the emptiness on Ground Zero, took a cruise around the island of Manhattan, the Staten Island ferry, walked through Central Park, had a visit to the CNN studios besides enjoying food and drink .... even had the time to go to Philadelphia to see Independence square and some old prison museum.


In May of 2010 I went to the Beneath the Sea trade show in New Jersey where I was working the booth of my dive store ProTec with the help of Hans, a good friend who just recently relocated to New Jersey. I did have a day time to visit my old Buddy Daniel Dens. Together we went to a gallery where he has some of his work hanging as well to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhatten. Very cool stuff hanging there.

In May 2010 I went to the Tacoma trade show in Tacoma, Washington to work the ProTec booth there, alone this time. While there I had a chance to see some of the glass art close to the glass Museum and visit friend Leigh Stone at the bike dealership where he is working.

In August - September 2010 I went to California sailing on my buddy Lenny's sail boats in San Diego and Long Beach - Los Angeles area which included a sail trip to Catalina Island. A trip to Nevada to the Burning Man festival was one of the high lights of the trip. We went for a week to Utah as well, up into the mountains.

burning man y

 burning man t


I Juky of 2011 I went for the AMA Moto Cross Championship in Ponca City, Oklahoma. I was invited by my old friend Keri and her family to stay with them in their Motor Home. Here I met my son Jonathan the first time. I totally enjoyed to help out Jonathan to get ready to race, work as a grease monkey and at the starting gate. What a blast I had, what a heat we had with 40 C. Thanx a lot Keri, Jonathan, Matty, Lexi, Moly and Cleo for the unforgettable experience and time I had.

In November 2011 I went to the Motocross Mini Olympics in Gainesville, Florida. On the way from South Carolina where I picked up Jonathan we went to North Carolina to pick up his bikes. Then on to Lake City, Florida on a training track for 3 days and off we went to Gainesville to get Jonathan racing. After the races driving back to South Carolina. Nice road trip.


In February 2012 I went to the ISC Custom Rebreather facility in Centralia, Washington to become a CCR Megalodon Instructor Trainer. The dive in the Emerald Sea was nice. A bit fresh but the large Octopus was cool.

In February and March 2012 I went to visit Jonathan in South Carolina. We went on a little trip to New York City to see the Rockefeller Center, Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Bridge and go to the opening of my buddy's Daniel Dens gallery showing of his large size pop art prints.

In April and May 2012 I went to visit Jonathan on the motocross track in North Carolina to celebrate his 13th birthday and be his grease monkey. Love the job. Love seeing him ripping up the dirt as well.

In July 2012 I went up to South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina to visit Jonathan. After the visit Jonathan flew with me back to Mexico for a three week vacation where he learned how to dive and eating tacos without spoiling the t-shirt. After his vacation in end of August I flew back with him to South Carolina to deliver him back home sound and safe.

In November and December 2012 I went with Jonathan to Florida where he participated in the Motocross Mini Olympics help at the Gatortrack near Gainesville Florida. After the races we went back to the JWTF training track near Jacksonville, North Carolina.


In April 2013 I went to visit Jonathan back at the JWTF to celebrate his 14th birthday just before his race weekend in Creswell North Carolina. We went a day early and had time to visit the Wright Brothers Memorial at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Amazing to stand at the place were motorized flight was born.

In May of 2013 I went to Ft. Lauterdale to become a Bareboat Captain on sailing boats up to 45 feet. I went through a week long training program held at the Blue Water Sailing School and completed the American Sailing Association level 104 - Bareboat Captain. The training program was held on a 43 foot Gib Sea mono hull sloop we never left for 6 days. Very cool to do your training program on a live a board.


In March 2014 I went to Austin Texas to visit long time friends Amy and Alex with her beautiful daughter Brisha. Great week at South by South West with Amy and chill out with Alex.

In December 2014 I went with my Mom to spend X-Mas with Jonathan and the rest of the family in South Carolina. What a great time with all the kids and family. Only thing was I got sick as a dog on the second day there. My Mom loved it.


In April 2015 I went to Florida to help friend Mike with the resurrection of his 48' Westerly Sail Boat. What a great experience to work on a boat on the hard.

Sailing 2015 3444

At the same time I went to see my Son JohnBoy who was on a motocross track close by as he turned 16 that week.

Sailing 2015 9444

Sailing 2015 7444

In May 2014 rented a car in Florida and drove to Upstate New York to visit long time fried Daniel Dens at his studio. I had time for a quick stop at the Lincoln memorial in D.C.

Sailing 2015 15444

During the week long stay we had enough time to take the train into the City to walk the High Line which is quite cool actually.

Sailing 2015 25444

Sailing 2015 14444

Sailing 2015 20444

 In June 2015 I went to Texas to look at a Sailboat I way wanted to buy but decided it was not the right boat. It led be to Port Arthur in Texas. Very cool and area. Shocking with the large refinery and drilling platform in the middle of it all.

Sailing 2015 39444

In June 2015 I volunteered with Sea Shepherds in Key West, Florida for two month to help Sea Shepherds to get their two newly purchased 110' Coast Guard Cutters renamed the Farley and Jules back in service.

Key West 2015 67444

Key West 2015 02444

Key West 2015 20444Key West 2015 97444 












 In July 2015 I was looking at yet another Sailboat, this time in Maryland which gave me the chance to visit the Air and Space Museum in D.C. Truly awesome !!.

Air Space Museum 2015 7444

Air Space Museum 2015 15444

In March of 2018 I went to visit my Son Jonathan in South Carolina with side trips to North Carolina and Florida.